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A very complicated lady, lucky in certain respects, but also chaotic and driven by deep subterranean anger. She has three downers from Solar Arcs to and from Saturn in and , with only one upper in from Jupiter. Her relationship with Trump will have its hiccups and surprises from this July onwards with tr Uranus conjunct their Solar Arc Venus and square the Uranus which is the same time tr Uranus is square her Solar Arc Midheaven which could suggest a career change; and with Trump she is under exceptionally gloomy challenges from early to late Though with Uranus Pluto in her 7 th she was always guaranteed to find an unconventional partner.

And his Saturn in Aquarius is conjunct her Venus and square her Moon which might make one wonder why they ever got together.

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Their composite Mars is under great strain this year and next — aggravated and stuck. Boris Johnson looks a shoe-in for the Theresa May replacement in No 10, Leader of the Tory Party and from the polls a certainty for winning a large majority at a general election. Unless he messes up between now and mid-July when the final vote is taken by the party. Though he may also just be pleased to be cut loose and off elsewhere. His relationship with the Tory Party chart is equally grim with a composite Mars Pluto opposition Neptune Saturn.

So no love lost there.

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Two slippery Geminis. He does, of course, have his Jupiter opposition Neptune natally, so his confidence will tend to over-shoot and he then goes off into lies, delusions and general mayhem. His Solar Return for does not look like an overwhelming success with the accident-prone and hugely frustrating Mars opposition Saturn Pluto anchoring it down. The tragi-comic pantomime mid Brexit of the Tory leadership election has thrown up colourful, criminal misdemeanours on the drug-taking front and now an unseemly spat between a breakfast television presenter and one of the contestants who was once was a sofa colleague.

There are whispers of professional jealousy. Lorraine Kelly, 30 November The relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Mars square Pluto and a suspicious composite Sun Neptune square Saturn. Not well designed to be best mates, for sure. Though tr Pluto square her Solar Arc Jupiter will give her the confidence to keep pushing. Hong Kong demonstrators against the new deeply unpopular extradition law to mainland China have given Chief Executive Carrie Lam her greatest crisis so far.

Many hundreds of thousands were out on the streets demanding the amendment be withdrawn with violence breaking out as the police respond.

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The government is still backing the bill and although now delayed it is expected to pass on June 20 th. She was sworn in on 1 July at 9am and since then has had several run-ins with pro-democracy activists. Her Term chart has an argumentative Sun, Mars, Mercury in a ruthless opposition to Pluto square Jupiter — so was always going to bring rolling and high-risk situations.

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Tr Saturn is at the moment exactly in a bad-tempered opposition to the Solar Arc Mars, moving back soon to a blocked conjunction to the Term Pluto — and repeating on those influences off and on into — with the Eclipses also rattling it up this year. With the 8 degree Cancer Sun being zapped by the Eclipses this year, especially the up and coming July one. False hopes and overly high expectations will be dashed in , financially as well as politically, as the Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct the Jupiter; with more ructions come as the Solar Arc Mars is square the Uranus with tr Pluto in hard aspect to both as well which is a considerable whammy of disruptive and violent influences so that will be a key make-or- break point.

During a practice ride in France in a time-trial he crashed in the downhill section at high speed and hit a wall. The violent demos in Hong Kong will also be part of the astro-scenario, and Sudan. Froome, born 20 May in Nairobi, Kenya is a dourly determined, high-endurance Taurus Sun opposition Saturn in obsessively conscientious Scorpio; with a dogged Mercury in Taurus opposition Pluto in Scorpio. And a high-octane, excitement-seeking Mars in Gemini opposition Uranus in a talented Half Grand Sextile to Venus in Aries and Jupiter in that odd athletic-superstar mid-Aquarius degree.

That latter configuration has moved by Solar Directions to have tr Saturn exactly opposition the Solar Arc Mars which is classic for accidents involving breaks, and in a jolting conjunction to Solar Arc Uranus at the moment. Tr Saturn is also exactly opposition his Progressed Mercury for a down moment. Recovery may be slow. The Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on 2 July is in a Saros series which is prone to being overly-excessive, either of obsessive worry or large-scale plans that get out of control.

It was around in this series previously in at zero degrees Cancer , , , You will avoid confrontations since you can't be bothered.

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But if you compromise too much just for the sake of calm, it may make you sound superficial or insincere. There'll be a communication breakdown early on but once you clear that hurdle you'll be in the mood for fun. Your wonderfully outgoing style will make you a hit at social occasions, as you sparkle like a firecracker, keeping everyone highly entertained.

In good humour, you'll be positive and enthusiastic. Just watch a tendency to put too much stress on surface appearance, or to fit in with whoever is taking the strong position around you for the sake of peace and quiet. This is always your month for going slow at least for three weeks.

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Take time out to stand on the sidelines and let others take the strain while you look back over the past year, reflect, plan ahead and recharge your batteries. You will be frustrated by delays in certain projects and your inability to be as pro-active as you might like. Being patient will help since you can't push the river or turn the tide before the right time comes. Your everyday schedule will be pressured with some communication glitches.


When you feel you aren't getting your message across, then you'll need to be persistent. Lightening up will also help and keeping your sense of humour handy. Money will come in just before mid month to put a smile on your face and you will be complimented on your appearance.

If you turn on the charm you'll slide round a few edgy situations. Your birthday Sun from the 23rd will boost your energy and confidence. Though you'll be less than co-operative as the month closes. Although one pet project will be on a go-slow which will be frustrating and irritating, on the whole you'll be bouncing along enthusiastically. Your birthday Sun till the 22nd and energetic Mars in your own sign thereafter guarantees you won't be taking life lying down. You'll be tackling problems head on with a good deal of vigour.

You'll also be tempted to overspend by irresistible treats which float under your nose. There will be good luck on the cash front before mid-month which will bring in surplus for the odd indulgence. Mars in your own sign will rev your engine in the final days and you will steamroller over anyone who tries to get in your way or distract you. Just try not to over react or be too uncompromising since it may backfire with one close partner stomping off on their own pursuits.

Rough edges will be smoothed over after the 26th.