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If we stop, place our hand over our hearts, close our eyes and really tune in, we will find that our body contains a wisdom, a knowledge that is much deeper and far more profound than we realize. When we listen to our body, we can see that it knows things, and it can alert us as to what we may need to support our optimum wellbeing.

When we tune into our bodies, we may feel aches and pains, or the need to drink or eat more, or the need to move more. We may even feel that we have been carrying around tension in a particular area of our body. Our minds are so busy and we are so distracted with other things throughout the day, that we tend to only start to notice these things when we are finally ready to wind down. Use the energy of January 11 to make a connection with your body. Close your eyes, take a deep breath into your belly and travel to the pit of your stomach.

Travel down through your arms and your legs and connect with yourself. Imagine a beautiful golden light moving down from the top of your head, coating your throat, nourishing your heart center, filling your stomach, recharging your legs.

January 11 Zodiac

See it move all the way down and out the bottom of your feet. See this golden light running through your veins, and feel into it as it coats and surrounds your entire body. Just keep repeating this phrase to all corners of your body, and feel yourself recharge and fill up.

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After you have done this, pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or intuitive pings you may receive. Our body is wise, and often after connecting in this way, you may start to notice messages or guidance from your higher self or the Universe.

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If you feel so inclined, you can also use the energy of January 11 to set a goal or make a wish. You can either come up with three wishes to send out into the Universe, or you can come up with three steps or changes you wish to make in your life in order to help you achieve your dreams and wishes. See how you feel and tune into the wisdom of your mind, body, and soul. Working with the energy of number vibrations is very individual, so be sure to pay attention to what your own guidance system is telling you. It may also be helpful to know that on this day we also have the annual meeting of the Sun and Pluto.

This yearly event is often one that brings transformation and healing all on its own. The astral sign of Capricorn , ruled by the planet Saturn-the teacher, and the birth date ruler Moon-the intuitive, with birth stone of Garnet. You have a gift in helping others finding their dreams and turning them into reality.

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Along your path you need to learn compassion and sensitivity, as without it you can not understand the weaknesses of others. And as you discover the gift for recognizing it, you have a drive to right the wrongs and fight injustice. That drive to fight injustice is strong and overwhelming at times.

As much as you want to right the wrongs of the entire world, you have to learn that change starts in you, and the little things you change today will mark the changes of bigger picture tomorrow. When a situation gets so hard you can not do anything to change it anymore, it means you have done all you can, and all you can do is to just trust that it was enough and rest will sort self out. So learn to let go. You are not powerless to change the world, you just need to learn to start at the beginning, and allow the rest to take its course. And the passion for helping others will always drive you from one to another to right the bits and pieces and those little changes are the ones that dictate the bigger ones. You just need to learn that is the process of keeping energy flowing.

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And trying to control and impact that change is not going to show results until you learn to move the crucial pieces you need to move. And the way to do so is to learn to give others benefit of the doubt, as the only way people can fulfil your expectations is if you guide them to the desired destination and than believe they will do the right thing.

Born On January 11 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

You are very intelligent and a great decision maker, you always strive to be fair in your decisions. Although there is a bit of a confusion arising from the felling of being compelled to do the right thing in life for everyone, which can easily lead them to believing they are responsible for everyone and everything that happens around them. That can sometimes lead to a bit of an ego boost and you tend to start believing your word is the law.

As you can drown in your belief that the world is your responsibility, it is important for you to listen to people around you as well. There are opinions of people that matter to you, but you need to learn to listen and respect their point of views as well.


As for some, your forceful way of imposing your opinion is considered offensive, and it is not for you to feel attacked by that manner, but to use your opened mind and allow the opinion of others to whey on your perception of opinions. After all remember that everyone is entitled to have a difference of opinion. Over time you develop a very strong inner life, with which you set high expectations to people around you and even higher for your own life. But you take it as a challenge to live up to those standards and hopefully even rise up to it.

With that judgmental approach and law making tendencies you can become quite dominating and stubborn, by others perceived as superior even.