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Reviews XX Write a review! Originally posted by coloursong. Originally posted by l0stclare. This is gonna be based on your sun sign the zodiac based only on your birth date. Our sun sign is our spirit, our true self besides all the other signs that each one of us has on their own natal chart. Our sun sign is our physical body.

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They are carefree and have a pure heart, even if they seem as the most aggressive sign alongside with the other fire signs. They have a soft side only for their loved ones. Passionate af and will fight for what they want they are cardinal bitch lolol. They are steady and calm people most of the times but it depends on your other placements for it to be true. Risks may panic them at times when its especially something out of their comfort zone. They value their family and may become overprotective parents, they love luxury and aesthetic taste since their ruler is Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty.

May have the tendency to be possessive over the people that are in their life as they are sweethearts and soft babies.

Self-care is the most important for them. They are the signs with the best communication skills but it always depends on how they use that skills cause they may come out as annoying too talkative puppies. Some of them may be really shy but it only takes for them to show their nature as they get to know you more and trust you. Practical minds and can be geniuses with the strategy their mind can build and all this cause they are ruled by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory. Geminis tend to be over-thinkers and come out as double-faced when they are not even.

They always come off as the mothers of the zodiac circle, as their nurturant nature was inherited by their ruler Artemis, the Goddess of Wilderness and Virginity. They seem as really defensive and closed people but if you get inside their heart, you will receive so much love from them. Sex is something more than just a physical act for them, its more of an emotional peak as if every time has the importance of their first time.

Emotional sponges as they are ruled by mother moon and are blessed with healing abilities. Not so social butterflies as they prefer staying more at home with the presence of their loved ones instead of outdoors. Insecure babies that seek for attention and deserve it so much. They are the charming, entertaining sunshines of this zodiac circle as they are ruled by Apollo, the God of Sun and the Light.

Leos are always characterized as really confident people to the point where their self-loving is crossing the line of narcissism. They are the soul of the party but they can be more selfish with emotions as entertainment is what they seek for. Can become easily a bitch towards you if you get on their wrong side or hurt their loved ones. They are quite straightforward about their thoughts where their opinions will come off as too judgementful and hurtful.

They look harsh from the first impression they will give you but they are the people that hide their inner beauty, they love simple things, nature is their mother and their most wanted place at hard times as they are ruled by Demeter, the Godness of Agriculture and Grain. Virgos appreciate honest and bold people like them to show their caring nature even more.

They are so delighting, people who you will hardly ever see moody or sad.

There is the risk that they will get lost inside this mask though, pretending something they are actually not. Love is too important for them, needing and seeking for it along the road of their lives as their ruler is Hera, the Goddess of Marriage and birth and the planet that rules them is Venus. Finding their other half is what they want deep down and have at the back of their minds.

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Scorpios certainly are weird people and you can take it from both ways. One day you will see them all savage and funny, making you die from laughter and then the next day you will see an emo kid that is even dangerous to get close to. Everyone knows sex is all about them, as their ruler is Kali, the Goddess of Death and Sexuality.

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Scorpios are attracted to the different, people that like dark subjects above everything. They will always have a point in their life where a big transformation will happen internally for them, either towards the best or the worst. They love getting their partners jealous and possessive over them as it gives them the attention, they are trying to achieve. They surely are not what they seem to you as an outsider.

Giving the first impression that nothing ever bothers them and that joking around is what they only do.

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Internally though, Sagittariuses are really wise, impressing you with the developed opinions and views they have for a variety of subjects and ofc that comes from their ruler Zeus, the King of Gods and the God of Thunder and the sky. Zeus was an unfaithful husband and Sagittarius are well-known for being the kings of one night stands but besides this drawback Zeus was a great leader with great wisdom and strategy and so are Sagittarius.

They are somewhat narrow-minded and stubborn like Taurus about their beliefs and opinions. They represent both the light and the dark as they are closed people that get hurt easily and keep everything inside them, believing that their thoughts and emotions are abnormal. They love nature though and will get inspired and motivated from it but as I said they represent the dark as well, being the ovethinkers they are.

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They are ruled by Persephone, the Goddess of Harvest and the Underworld as she was married to Hades, the God of the underworld, becoming the queen. Capricorns can be characterized as lost souls, people that try to find their true purpose in life and fight whatever comes against them. They need peace and harmony to be truly happy. Rebellious, the first word that comes to my head about them as they are ruled by Prometheus, the God of Forethought and Mankind.

They are open-minded and have a special priority for their needs and freedom. Their abilities and the chaos that takes over their mind is cause of the planet that rules them, Uranus. Free-spirits but they like not to be alone on this road. They want a person that will have the same dreams as them and will encourage and motivate them even more. They are the daydreamers, the people that will build up a world where it will be in their tastes of the world they want and not the one they live in as they are not satisfied at all.

They are ruled by Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility and Universal love as Pisces dream of a beautiful world where love and only love takes place. They are generous with their emotions if they get obsessive over you, even if that person wont actually deserve it, Pisces tend to give their love to people that frustrates their heart. Really queen?!